Anonymous said: are commissions ocs only or could we commission fanart?

I’m inclined to say almost anything goes~ There’s a handful of things I definitely will not do (non-con, minors in NSFW art, and incest), but that craziness aside, fanart is probs just fine!

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doodley redesign of a really old, short-lived Tegaki-E character
I don’t think anyone can really say they never had a ‘neko’ character

doodley redesign of a really old, short-lived Tegaki-E character

I don’t think anyone can really say they never had a ‘neko’ character

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xglowstyx said: So, what part of my soul(or all of it) do I have to do to get a commission from you?! Haha~

No soul required, just regular monies! I’m currently working on an ~official~ commission post, but I am accepting now~ (These prices have been adjusted since my rent recently went up.)

My Working Price List Thingy:

Thighs-up// $35+ depending on character complexity*

Full-body// $45+ depending on character comlexity*

Couples// $70+ depending on character complexity*

NSFW// $80+ depending on character(s) complexity*

*- outfit, intricate tattoos, etc! And I’m always happy to discuss details and add elements from these rates for a modified price.

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pancakes214 said: Is asexual the only sexuality/people things? Cause it looks boss (like the all of your art)

It’s the only one of the series I’ve done so far! M-more to come in the future, hopefully. (And thanks!)

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Commissions for the wonderful farfell of their bara demon oc.

Fullview images (b/c tumblr is a pancake and crops everything strangely) are here & here (very NSFW).

I-I am still working on putting together an official commission post, but if you’re interested, please feel 2000% free to send me a note! For reference, my GW2 commission post is here!

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lel-miserables said: i rreally love your art oh my goodness

A-aaaaa thank you kindly 

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Guess what y’all it’s that time again- time to pour forth the art from my wee golden hooves. I’ve working with a couple of people still, but I’d like fill up some more slots!

I mentioned this before, but I’ll note again here that my rent was recently raised, so that means my rates will too. Thanks so much to everyone who’s commissioned me in the past, I hugely hugely appreciate the support!

  • As illustrated by my updated examples, you can order anything from underwear and lingerie, to one or or two pieces or armor/accessories, to a full set! Your quote will be adjusted accordingly.
  • I still do NSFW/18+ things. Don’t be shy, you know I’m down, you glorious perverted sons of guns, you.
  1. rivendown
  2. stealthyperfectionist
  3. Vaetus
  4. Open
  5. Open
  6. Open

Turnaround can be anywhere from a few days to a week, depending on order size! I accept payment up front, so please have funds available! PayPal only, please.

Hit me up with a mail, or write me at if you’re interested! (Also, I always accept waitlisters!)

Disclaimer: I am a freelance artist; these commissions are basically my livelihood right now and I love doing them. SO! If for whatever reason I am asked to redo something more times than I feel comfortable, or start over from scratch on a previously approved drawing, I will charge more for my time. uvu

Thank you guys so much! (Reblogs are hugely appreciated; this is how I make my living!)

SO HEY ALL I keep saying I’m going to make an official commissions post, but honestly the examples I have that are new and sparkly are my GW2 commissions. So to frick with it, I’ll use them!

  • OCs completely unrelated to the game are obviously welcome!

If you’re interested or have questions, feel 2000% free to either message me here or send me an email at!


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Oc commission for the wonderful elissinia, of Julian~

Oc commission for the wonderful elissinia, of Julian~

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kevinreader said: Your work is amazing! I'm going to have to stalk your blog now that I've discovered it...

Oh gosh thank you very much!

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Super fun commish for elissinia of their OC Izar!

Super fun commish for elissinia of their OC Izar!

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