pancakes214 said: Is asexual the only sexuality/people things? Cause it looks boss (like the all of your art)

It’s the only one of the series I’ve done so far! M-more to come in the future, hopefully. (And thanks!)

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Commissions for the wonderful farfell of their bara demon oc.

Fullview images (b/c tumblr is a pancake and crops everything strangely) are here & here (very NSFW).

I-I am still working on putting together an official commission post, but if you’re interested, please feel 2000% free to send me a note! For reference, my GW2 commission post is here!

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Anonymous said: I love your art... but is there a reason why there's no I in LGBTQA? :(

Consider it remedied! To be honest, I was only just now made aware of the more inclusive “LGBTQIA”; you learn new things everyday.

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zmcr1234 said: Do you mind if I borrow your ace guy's outfit for my muse? (Also I might get really tempted to make it irl and MAYBE COSPLAY IT SOMETIME JUS SAYIN)

Not at all, go for it! I don’t think I can really take too much credit for a stripey shirt and some jeans with suspenders, LOL. but if you felt like showing me when you were done I certainly wouldn’t object hoho


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Anonymous said: Hey there, I'm sure you hear this plenty but I just wanted to say this still. Your artwork is amazing and breath taking, it really is. Your grasp on anatomy and body types and just how you can pose characters is wonderful, possibly my favorite thing about your art, right next to how you color and shade. I have a feeling you're going to go very far with your talent and kind personality.

Oh gosh, this made my morning. Thank you so much, kind anon! Honey and sugar envy the sweetness of your words.

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kevinreader said: Your work is amazing! I'm going to have to stalk your blog now that I've discovered it...

Oh gosh thank you very much!

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Super fun commish for elissinia of their OC Izar!

Super fun commish for elissinia of their OC Izar!

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mingamia said: Larton is fine as hell. I saw someone had reblogged and when I saw him in those suspenders I said oh lord mercy Everybody got time for that ( your work is fantastic btw)

Haha! Omg that’s great. I’m really glad you dig him. (And thank you!)

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Commissions for a wonderful anon!

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guys what if your GW2 characters

were just regular-ass human beings

Since this is only barely GW2 related, I won’t feel bad about reboobing

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